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House numbers

House numbers


House numbers, stainless steel


The numbers are made of 1 mm stainless steel and in the size of 105 mm - matte or polished. The inscription is possible font AGENCY FB. Number assembly is flush mounted with special tape. All other sizes and versions on request.


House numbers, stainless steelHouse numbers, stainless steel


House number foil


We can offer you self-adhesive foil in RAL 9006 (for inscription on dark surface) and in RAL 7016 (for inscription on bright surface). The foil bonds to the outer side of the panel or glass. 


The adhesive film is very stable and can be easily removed, if necessary. The inscription is possible with fonts TIMES or Agency FB.


ATTENTION: bonding is impossible on the surface with metallic colours.


Other requests by inquiry.


House number foil

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