Excellent thermal insulation

Modern high-quality aluminium entrance doors not only provide a high level of safety and durability but are also energy efficient. By reducing heat losses, they help lower heating costs and make long-term savings.

Reduce your heating costs

With standard high-quality insulation

95mm thick double-side cover leaf

The excellent thermal insulation of the EXCLUSIV Ud entrance doors is provided by structurally exceptionally solid door leaf design and innovative insulating infill, which is covered with a strong 3mm thick aluminium plate on both sides. The Ud value is from 0.61 W / m2K.

3-layer insulating glass

We produce quality glass with exceptional insulating properties in our own state-of-the-art glassworks. Ud value: > 0.5W / m2K.

All glass panes feature individual layers with thickness up to 6mm. In addition to excellent acoustic and thermal insulation, the above standard thickness also provides a high level of anti-burglary protection.

Thermically interrupted threshold

A robust aluminium threshold with a thermal break and an additional seal reduces the energy flow in the lower part of the door and allows for the invisible mounting of the door frame.

3 seals with vulcanized corners

The door and door leaf seals ensure that the door is perfectly sealed and keep out outside air and moisture.

Ensure an even higher level of insulation

The leaf and door frame are filled with polyurethane

Looking for the right entrance door for passive houses? In that case, go for the EXCLUSIV PLUS design and choose a highly energy-efficient door. Ud value: > 0.61 W / m2K.