Door installation

Quality and professional installation ensures the smooth operation of the entrance door and excellent acoustic and thermal insulation for decades.

Our sales partners offer you a complete and professional installation of new front doors.

The process begins with measurements being made at your house by our local partners. They will also recommend the most suitable installation method and will install the finished door.

There are several different types of installation, which differ depending on the condition of the building or the criteria the installation must meet (e.g. a newly built house, renovated house, preference for better insulation or a higher level of security, etc.).

Only professional installation ensures that the door will function properly, so it must be performed by our sales partners or by an installation company authorized by them.

Types of installation

Standard installation

You can choose the standard door installation, where the gap between the door frame and the wall is filled with polyurethane foam or other insulating material, while the frame is secured in place using anchors and screws.

Installation according to RAL guidelines

To ensure energy efficiency, installation according to RAL guidelines is highly recommended and opted for by an increasing number of our customers.

Energy-efficient installation according to RAL guidelines utilizes a system of sealing of the gap between the pane and the building at three levels - internal, intermediate and external.

The "inside tighter than outside" principle applies, and therefore:

  • the internal contact surface (located at the entrance into the gap; contact between the frame and the plaster) is impermeable to air and steam;
  • the intermediate part or the middle layer (in the gap) is thermally insulated and sealed as much as possible;
  • the external contact surface (exit from the gap) is impermeable to water and permeable to steam so as to prevent only the intrusion of rain and wind.
Primer montaže po standardu RAL (vir: TKK)

RAL standard installation example (source: TKK)