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Advantages of aluminium entrance doors

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An ALUMINIUM entrance door is a good choice - for you!

You will quickly realise that aluminium entrance doors possess a lot of advantages compared to PVC or wooden entrance doors. Aluminium is light, strong, corrosion resistant and easy to maintain − a material with a long life. Aluminium is precisely malleable to produce energy-saving components with high density. In addition to an extraordinarily rich selection of door models and equipment, the EXCLUSIVE programme also offers numerous features that are included as standard equipment!



Extraordinary high stability - without deformation!

The INOTHERM aluminium entrance door is made of exceptionally thick profiles. In addition, doors from the Oversized programme are reinforced with special profiles so that in extreme weather conditions, a bimetal effect or deformation will not arise. With a stable door like that, you will have no problems opening and closing it in all weather conditions .

Extraordinary high stability - without deformation!

Doors in summer



Doors in winter



Extraordinary thermal insulation

Extraordinary thermal insulation In times of expensive energy and the importance of energy savings, the entrance doors of the EXCLUSIVE series provide extraordinary thermal insulation of a European dimension 2 Ud starting at W/m K. With leaf-enclosing infills on both sides (85 mm thick), three circumferential seals and three panes of window protection glass (U-value 0.5 W/m2K), you can ensure savings and comfort in your home.



High degree of safety as a standard feature - no surcharge

High degree of safety as a standard feature - no surcharge Due to the compactness of the selected materials, the above-average thickness of the profiles and leaves, the exterior rosette and the 5-point latch lock, the door is virtually burglar-proof against intruders. Optionally, you can choose the RC1 or RC2 version of the IFT Rosenheim certificate, thereby asserting your carefree security 



XL door sizes - up to a height of 2700 mm!

XL door sizes - up to a height of 2700 mm!

Modern construction is increasingly requiring doors of extraordinary dimensions, with structural stability of the products being of great importance. The exclusive range of entrance doors with unique technical solutions ensures smooth functionality even with a height of 2251 mm up to 2700 mm and a width of up to 1260 mm. For these dimensions the, XL form  also includes an installed equipment package (for a surcharge) with a fourth hinge and an extended locking mechanism with a four-pin design and reinforced stainless steel profile. Even the vision panel can be adapted against a surcharge.


Guaranteed long life

Guaranteed long life The aluminium entrance doors are extraordinarily resistant to diverse weather conditions. The aluminium doors are powder painted in your chosen colour and still look new even after a number of years of use. Subsequent recoating is not required.



Environmentally friendly

Environmentally friendly

All materials used are recycled and eco-friendly and have a long lifetime.

Aluminium and environment in windows - and facades

In the construction sector the Recyclables circulatory system A / U / F exists. Aluminum cutting waste from the factories and developed Alt-components are supplied to the recycling.