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Standard features

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Standard features

The basic standard features of Inotherm entrance doors includes highest standards of safety, statics and thermal insulation; in addition, the features of each individual door can be adjusted to your individual specifications.


1. Extraordinary thermal insulation: the above- average strenght with a 3 mm thick inside and outside plate enables extraordinary thermal insulation, leading to energy savings. Ud from 0,67 W/m2K


2. Exceptional security: standard features includes 5-point latch lock, 3 mm thick aluminium plate, inside and out; attractively shaped safety rosette as standard protection against boring and twisting ; and standard profile cylinder with emergency and danger function with 6 keys


3. Exceptional structural engineering: above- standard profile thickness, adjustable 3-piece safety barrel hinges and patented leaf design and dilation layer that prevents distortion even under extreme weather conditions.


Infill thickness:

EXCLUSIV 3D     105mm
EXCLUSIV              85mm
SELECT                  54mm



EXCLUSIV 3D    3-panes
EXCLUSIV          3-panes
SELECT             3-panes

Standard inside handleStandard inside handle Thermally separated ALUMINIUM - THRESHOLD P 735Thermally separated ALUMINIUM - THRESHOLD P 735 Three 3-piece adjustable barrel hingesThree 3-piece adjustable barrel hinges


Patented leaf design and dilation layer

With a patented leaf design and dilation layer in the EXCLUSIV 3D and EXCLUSIV programme.

Standard 5-way hook lock

Standard 5-way hook lock

3-circumferential seals

3-circumferential seals

Exterior safety rosette

With attractive stainless steel - EXTERIOR SAFETY ROSETTE

K 20 profile cylinder

K 20 profile cylinder Double-sided security function with 6 keys.