The Inotherm warranty guarantees you reliability, durability and day-to-day satisfaction in using your entrance door.

Excellent structural stability, exceptional thermal insulation, and complete safety are ingrained in all Inotherm’s products. Numerous national and international certificates are proof of our leading role in the development and production of state-of-the-art entrance doors. We firmly believe in our products and services. That is why we offer a warranty that goes beyond standard market requirements.

We provide the following warranty for each delivered product:

  • 5 YEARS FOR THE FUNCTIONALITY OF THE PRODUCT AND INSTALLED COMPONENTS (assuming that the customer follows the product installation, care and maintenance instructions),
  • 5 YEARS FOR THE AIR-TIGHTNESS OF INSULATING GLASS PANES (which also prevents condensation in the inter-pane space).

The warranty includes free repair of product defects or replacement of defective product parts during the warranty period.


  • exposure of the product to abnormal influences caused by the building or the environment, improper handling or misuse of the product prior to its installation,
  • disregard for the principles of professional product installation, which can only be performed by our sales partners,
  • failure to follow the product care and maintenance instructions received by the customer at the delivery of the product together with the care set,
  • if upon the customer’s specific request the product was manufactured with dimensions not recommended by the manufacturer,
  • if the customer has performed surface treatment on their own or through a third party.

After the completion of the installation, the customer will receive the warranty card with care and maintenance instructions together with the invoice.

For servicing or a warranty claim, call our sales partner where you purchased our door.