The name lnotherm stands for a unique combination of traditional quality and cutting-edge technological innovation. Based on a wealth of experience, knowledge and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, we have been manufacturing entrance doors that meet the highest criteria for modern, stylish, secure and sustainable homes for 40 years. We firmly believe our products, therefore:


provides a warranty on its delivered ALUMINIUM ENTRANCE DOOR products that exceeds the usual warranty terms on the market provided that the instructions for the product's installation, care and maintenance are followed.

Warranty period
  • For the problem-free operation of the installed hardware and other moving parts.
  • For the problem-free operation of built-in electronic components.

  • For the airtightness of thermal insulation glass.
  • For the durability of handlebars and door handles made from stainless steel, provided there is no mechanical damage to or changes in the appearance of the surface due to environmental influences.

  • For the functionality of the product - flawless operation and sealing.
  • For weather resistance against unnatural colour changes and the formation of cracks on surfaces, anodised and powder-coated aluminium door profiles.

30 YEARS guarantee
  • lnotherm warrants that it can re-service its products as needed and provide replacement parts, thus ensuring up to 30 years of flawless operation or service life. Replacement parts may include parts that are not visually identical to the originally installed part, but have the same function. Electronic components are excluded. The services necessary to maintain flawless operation, and the required material, billable hours, etc. are charged according to the valid price list on the day the service is performed.

Warranty claims must be asserted in writing with the Seller of the product the complaint relates to. If it is not possible to make contact with the Seller, the complaint can be reported directly to the Manufacturer, who will then handle it himself or forward it to another Seller for handling

The OC number for the door must be indicated in every case; it is situated on the door leaf.

The warranty shall be invalidated
  • If the product is not maintained in accordance with the instructions for use received by the buyer from the seller, or if the manufacturer's instructions regarding product maintenance and care are not followed during the maintenance of products.
  • If the installation, replacement, servicing or adjustments were performed by a person not authorised by the seller.
  • For product defects caused by the abnormal effects of the building.
  • If the advertised goods, notwithstanding their previously identified defects, were installed at the express request of the buyer, although the seller wanted to eliminate the defect before installation.
  • If the product is exposed to extreme weather conditions, salt water or aggressive gases, or to air humidity higher than 70%, before or after installation.
  • In case of unprofessional and violent use (blows, scratches, cleaning) and in case of changes in the appearance of the surface due to environmental influences and pollution, such as force majeure (natural disasters, explosions, fires, storms, etc.).
  •  If the error is due to the handling (installation, replacement, service, adjustments, etc.) of products and any additional product-related items (hardware, opening mechanisms, glass, etc.) by unauthorised persons wenn der Käufer die Herstellung von Elementen in Abmessungen verlangt, von denen der Hersteller abrät und die nicht den technischen Normen und Vorschriften des Herstellers entsprechen.
  • If the buyer requests the manufacture of elements in dimensions that are not recommended by the manufacturer and which do not conform with the manufacturer's technical standards and regulations.

The warranty does not exclude the consumer's rights arising from the seller's liability for defects of the goods.

The warranty period commences on the date of issue of the invoice for the delivered product. The goods are deemed delivered on the day of signing the record of receipt of the goods. During the warranty period, the manufacturer guarantees that all promptly and correctly reported defects in the product shall be eliminated free of charge and that the defective parts of the product shall be replaced.

Territorial scope of the warranty: EU, Switzerland, UK, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait.

Inotherm d.o.o.
Anton Šenk